Get Started

1. Read our Rule Book if you have questions about you or your car’s qualifications. Especially sections 1.1 and 2.1

2. Create an account HERE

3. If you just intend to drive you can inform the captain of the team you will be driving for that you created an account. They can then add you to their team. You can not add yourself or join a team. 

4. If you want to create a team click on the “Change Teams” button then “+ Create a Team”

5. In the process you can add your car and select drivers for your team.

6. Your home view in our system will now be your team dashboard. You can manage cars, drivers and team settings from this page.

7. To register for an event click “Events” at the top of the page.

8. You can register for an event from this page or get more info about an event

9. Once you register for an event every driver added to the registration will receive a link to our eWaiver via email. These are good for one year and removes the need to sign waivers or get gear tech’d at events.

10. Have more questions about registering? Check the help section once you are signed in

11. Join the community HERE