AER 2022 Event Supplement

February 18 – 20, 2022

  • Load in begins on Thursday at 6:00pm.

  • Camping is provided courtesy of AER on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. This means the gate will be open and staffed on those nights so you may come and go.

  • We will be using the Pro Paddock (inside of track)

  • AER Drivers Championship brought to you by Stable Energies Motorsports

  • Five, 3 minute stops are required on Saturday

  • Four, 3 minute stops are required on Sunday

  • Sunday’s observation of “quite time” will be treated as a black flag all event. Work will not be permitted on cars and the time will not count towards the day’s stops.

  • Drones are not allowed



    8:30  Drivers Meeting

    9:00 – 12:00  HPDE

    12:00 – 1:00  Lunch Break

    1:00 – 5:00 Qualifying

    5:00  New Drivers Drivers Meeting (location tbd)

    6:00  Cookout


    7:45  Drivers Meeting

    8:15 – 8:45  Grid

    9:00  Race 1 Start

    5:00  Race 1 Checkers

    5:30  Podium


    7:15 – 7:45  Grid

    8:00  Race 2 Start

    10:00 – 12:00  Black Flag Period*

    5:00  Race 2 Checkers

    5:30 Podium

    * at 9:50 the track will go full course yellow. The safety car will be dispatched and pick up the leader. When the entire field is under the control of the safety car the track will go black flag all. The field will follow the safety car into the hot pits and stop in a single file line. All cars will be shut off by 10:00. This two hour pause in racing will be treated as a black all event and handled subject to 6.9. The restart will be handled subject to 6.9.4. One addition is that no work behind the wall will be allowed from 10:00 – 12:00. Cars will be restarted at 12:00 and promptly roll off behind the safety car for restart.

    Before Quiet Time:

    1. If a car comes into pit at 9:49 (before FCY), this will be a regular, 3 minute stop. Re-entering the track will be subject to all the normal FCY rules (6.8). If, for whatever reason, that car does not leave the pit prior to the BFA being thrown, it will be allowed to finish the stop and put at the end of the pack (6.9.5).
    2. If a car comes into pit at 9:51 (during the FCY, but before the BFA), all the conditions from 1) above apply.

    After Quiet Time::

    1. The safety car will leave pit lane with the pack, pass over the start/finish line once, and on the next lap the race will be restarted.
    2. When the cars leave the pit at 12:00, pit-in will be immediately open, and all of the rules that normally apply to FCY will apply.
    3. Once all of the cars leave pit-out for the 10a to 12p break, pit-out will be closed until the green flag is thrown and the pack passes the pit-out (