AER 2022 PittRace Supplement

April 1 – 3, 2022

  • Please obey the 25mph speed limit on Penndale out of respect for PittRace’s neighbors.

  • You may enter the paddock after 5:00pm on Thursday.

  • Spectators and guests are welcome and there will not be an admission fee.

  • Garages and electrical boxes are available to rent from PittRace. Call 724-535-1000 and ask for Brenda

  • Paddock on the asphalt only, do not park vehicles on the grass or “no parking” zones.

  • Camping is provided courtesy of AER on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. This means the gate will be open and staffed on those nights so you may come and go. Do not nail tent or awning legs to the asphalt.

  • The pre-reserved electrical power spots are for those customers only. It has 50 amp service so have an adapter if your RV runs on 30 amp.

  • No electrical cords can be run from a garage out to a trailer or RV.

  • Wood or other weight displacement materials must be used under all trailer or RV landing/leveling gear.

  • Quiet hours are 8pm – 8am. Do not operate race engines during quiet hours.

  • No vehicle testing, brake bedding, shift point checks, etc. on paddock roads or the skid pad area.

  • Pit bikes, golf carts, side-by-sides must be operated by a licensed driver. Paddock speed limit is 15mph.

  • If you put tape or anything else on the pit lane guiderail, take it off before you leave.

  • No drones.

  • Sunoco fuel is pay-at-the-pump with credit card only. Sunoco limits credit card transactions to 3x per card on the same day.
    Available grades are 93, 100, and 110 (110 is leaded)

  • Leave no tires.

  • All pets must always be leashed. Clean up after your pet.

  • Royale Race Tires will be on hand  to provide tire sales and service. Royale Race Tires is a Hoosier, GoodYear, Toyo, Pirelli, Hankook direct dealer; as well as other performance tire brands. Please contact Royale Race Tires directly or fill out the ‘Pre Order Form’ to reserve and ensure your tires are on the trailer (preorders close 2 weeks prior to event).

    [email protected] / 484-393-2402 /

  • AER Endurance Championship is brought to you by Summit Racing Equipment

  • AER Drivers Championship brought to you by Stable Energies Motorsports

  • The AER Endurance Challenge is brought to you by Vbrick



5:00pm Paddock open to AER participants


8:30  Drivers Meeting

9:00 – 12:00   HPDE & Practice

9:30 – 12:00  Mandatory Transponder/RFID check on pit lane.

12:00 – 1:00  Lunch Break

1:00 – 5:00 Qualifying

5:00  New Drivers Drivers Meeting in classroom

5:30  AER Cookout

5:15 – 7:00  Track Walk (nothing motorized or bicycles)

Saturday & Sunday

7:30  Drivers Meeting

8:15 – 8:45  Grid

9:00  Race  Start

5:00  Race  Checkers

5:30  Podium

More Info

  • Five, 3 minute stops are required on Saturday & Sunday

  • The skid pad is off limits

  • Paddock speed is 15 mph

  • Quiet hours are 8pm – 8am. No race motors during this time.

  • The on site Sunoco pumps offer 93, 100, 110 (leaded) and are self-service, pay with credit card.  The pumps are limited to three purchases per card per day.

  • You are financially responsible for any damages you cause

    • Guardrail Per Foot – $32
    • Guardrail End Caps – $45
    • Tire Bundles – $175
    • Oil Dry (bag) – $15
    • Cold Fire (bottle) – $25
    • Purple K Fire Extinguisher – $300
    • Brake Markers – $25
    • Tire Disposal (per tire) – $3