Infractions and Penalties

Class A Infractions (5 points each)

  1. Passing while station is standing yellow
  2. Passing while station is waving yellow (+1)
  3. Passing while under full-course yellow (+3)
  4. Passing in area of incident, EV or  safety car (+5)
  5. Fueler’s visor up while fueling
  6. Fueler’s gear improper
  7. Fireperson multi-tasking or negligent
  8. Disobeying pit out stop sign (+10) (laps gained by this will be removed as well)
  9. Endangering pit marshal(s) or safety car driver (+ at race director’s discretion)
  10. Rude, disrespectful, or unsportsmanlike behavior (+ at race director’s discretion)
  11. Avoidable contact (+ at race director’s discretion)

Class B Infractions (3 points each)

  1. Driving over blend line while racing
  2. Driving over blend line while leaving pit lane
  3. Disregarding black flag
  4. Blocking
  5. Not following safety car’s instructions
  6. Speeding in the paddock
  7. Speeding on pit lane
  8. Speeding through RFID readers
  9. Improper use of pit lanes
  10. Fueling in paddock during race
  11. Feet and/or equipment did not remain on cold side of wall before car stopped moving
  12. Excessive fuel spillage while fueling
  13. Improper gear when over the wall (non-fueler)
  14. Non-fueler’s visor up while fueling
  15. Working on car while fueling
  16. Working on car during black flag all
  17. Car not killed while fueling
  18. Improper disposal of fluids

Class C Infractions (1 point each)

  1. Incorrect class stickers
  2. Incorrect sponsor stickers
  3. Incorrect traffic flow
  4. Reversing under power on pit lane
  5. Too many people over the wall

The Race Director reserves the option to add points to any and all infractions based on their severity.


10 points – stop and go

15 points – 2 minute hold

20 points – 5 minute hold

25 points – 10 minute hold

30 points – 60 minute hold

35 points – expulsion from event