Due to incidents that occurred at AER Watkins Glen 2018 the following drivers are on probation with AER:

Justin Demarco        2 events
Mark Cothran           2 events
Tony Fuentes             1 event
Josh Hughes              1 event
Tyler Kicera               1 event
Christopher Matos  2 events
Arden Oji                  2 events

If a driver who is on probation is involved in an incident involving contact, and bears any of the responsibility for the contact, that driver may be suspended for 6,12 or 18 months depending on the incident.

At 11:06am during Saturday’s race there was contact between car #82 PMW Motorsports and car #6 18901 Motorsports between turns 6 and 7. Both cars were damaged as was guard rail and guard rail posts. Neither driver was injured.

AER has spoken to and reviewed video from the involved drivers as well as drivers who witnessed the contact. We have also had the videos reviewed by trusted racers.

In review of this incident, we have reviewed the rules of section 9, “Passing”, and found the following:

a) Section 9.1 states that every competitor has the right to racing room. AER feels that #82 did not leave sufficient room for #6, the car that was being overtaken at the time.

b) Section 9.3 states, generally, that the overtaking car must make a safe pass, and the overtaken car must not make any sudden moves. We believe the video supports the #6 was not making a sudden move. As the overtaking car, #82 was responsible for making a safe pass.

As such, AER feels that it is the #82’s car responsibility to pay for the track damages. Further, it is the position of AER that PWM be suspended from racing with AER for a period of one year.

During Saturday’s race, car #218 Angry Bean Motorsports was moved from class 4 to class 3. It’s class was changed in both computers that we use for timing and scoring but we failed to change it’s class in the computer that generates results for our web site. Because of this the results that were read on the podium and the associated trophies were wrong. We realized the error soon after and did our best to sort this out with the affected teams. Overall results were not affected. We have also created a procedure to prevent this in the future.

We would like to apologize to the affected teams and congratulate Angry Bean Motorsports for their win in Class 3 on Saturday. The correct results for Saturday in Class 3 are:

1st #218 Angry Bean Motorsports
2nd #955 Just For Fun Racing
3rd #321 Mute Media Racing