AER 2021 Charlotte Supplement

August 13 – 14, 2021

  • Camping is provided courtesy of AER on Friday and Saturday nights. This means the gate will be open and staffed on those nights so you may come and go.

  • Seven, three minute stops will be required in Saturday’s race.

  • The AER Team Championship is bought to you by Summit Racing Equipment.

  • AER Drivers Championship brought to you by Stable Energies Motorsports

COVID-19 Policies

  • This event it private. No visitors or spectators allowed.

  • Do not bring or invite non essential team mates, crew, friends or family.

  • Face masks required.
    -Must be worn to enter facility
    -AER branded masks will be provided at check in
    -Must cover nose and mouth
    -Helmet with visor down is acceptable
    -Balaclava that covers nose and mouth acceptable

  • Social distancing enforced.
    -Maintain six feet + social distancing whenever possible

  • No hand shakes, high fives or hugs.

  • Wash or sanitize hands regularly.

  • Check-in will take place outdoors and be contactless.

  • Drivers meetings will be held over PA and radio.

  • Limit socializing outside of your team.

  • Spread out in the paddock as best you can.

  • Participation is at your own risk. Attendee’s with higher risk factors for COVID-19 infection must evaluate their own risk regarding participation at any race event. If attendee develops fever, cough, or other symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection, prior to, at or enroute to the event, attendee should refrain from coming to/participating in race event and seek medical attention instead.

  • Check with your province, state, county regarding reentry and quarantine recommendations prior to leaving for the race event. It is to everyone’s benefit as well as responsibility to limit the spread of the contagion. Because a race is allowed to occur in the state does not mean the risk of contracting the virus and/or spreading it to your friends/family/ co-workers when you arrive back home, is over.



5:00pm Drivers Meeting

5:30pm – 7:00pm  Practice and Qualifying

7:30pm – 11:00pm  Practice and Qualifying


7:45  Drivers Meeting

10:15am – 10:45am  Grid

11:00am Race Start

11:00pm Race Checkers

11:30pm Awards

Course Configuration